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Conservationism and Creativity: LA Hope Dealer's Environmental Activism

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Under the glow of a full moon on March 11, 2021, in the Hollywood Hills, a seemingly


ordinary night took a turn into the extraordinary for local artist Corie Mattie, popularly known as LA Hope Dealer. Mattie, who had been enjoying a few glasses of orange wine, stepped out onto her brother's deck, only to encounter what she initially thought was her brother's chocolate labrador escaped and lounging on the porch.

However, as she moved closer, Mattie realized she was mistaken. It wasn't a familiar pet on the deck, but a mountain lion, an animal not uncommon in the Hollywood Hills but rarely


seen up close. The moonlight caught a glint off the animal's collar, revealing its identity as P-22, the well-known and often photographed mountain lion who has become a kind of celebrity in local wildlife circles.

This unexpected face-to-face meeting with P-22 sparked an instant connection for Mattie, who drew inspiration from the encounter. Known for her vibrant and socially conscious artwork, Mattie found in this experience a new muse. This moment of serendipity has since blossomed into a unique collaboration, with P-22 becoming a recurring motif in her work.


Mattie's interaction with the famous feline highlights the coexistence of urban life and wildlife in Los Angeles, offering a reminder of the city's unique position as a habitat for diverse species. As for P-22, the mountain lion remains a symbol of the wild heart of the Hollywood Hills, continuing to captivate and inspire those who cross its path.

Join the P-22 Club by purchasing exclusive t-shirts, backpacks, and prints today. Your support fuels the legacy of P-22 and contributes to the conservation of California's majestic mountain lions. Act now and wear your commitment to the future of Wildlife and this earth.

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