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LA Hope Dealer's Brand Collaborations

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

LA Hope Dealer's Brand Collaborations

Unapologetic, daring, and always pushing boundaries, LA Hope Dealer transforms city walls into vibrant canvases, sparking conversations and inspiring change. Explore the artistry that goes beyond aesthetics, challenging the norm and declaring that art is a catalyst for a bold, new era.

Mercedes Benz Hope Rolls

Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz needs no introduction. The German car brand has been around for nearly a century and is often seen as the definition of luxury in the automotive industry. So when Pride Month arrived, and they needed the LGBTQIA+ community’s best artist to activate Mercedes-Benz USA with the release of their 2021 Mercedes GLB, Mattie was their only choice.

One of her more ambitious undertakings, Corie created the “Love Is Love” campaign which utilized three forms of content to promote Mercedes—street art, photography, and video. She would select key areas of Los Angeles to imprint her iconic dove symbol while curating 9 pieces of still and video content to be released on all social media outlets. Each piece masterfully combined the spirit of Pride Month with the historic opulence of Mercedes-Benz.

Mattie’s creative risk would pay off, resulting 93k direct engagements and 1.2 million impressions on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram. The campaign also showcased how major corporations can respectfully support marginalized communities by collaborating with creatives representative of these communities.

Wagmor Pets x Betty White Tribute

Mercedes Benz Hope Rolls

Betty White was one of the most ubiquitous figures in American pop culture who advocated for animal rights throughout her career. Upon her passing, numerous pet shelters and welfare centers utilized her image to raise awareness for pets in need of homes. One of these organizations was Wagmore Pets, a staple pet rescue center in Los Angeles. 

Wagmor reached out to Mattie—a huge Golden Girls fan herself—to collaborate on a mural in the heart of Melrose that would commemorate Betty White and raise money for pet welfare. Mattie would craft a portrait of Betty in all her smiling glory that encouraged Angelinos to “be more like Betty” in her fight for animal welfare.

To further enhance the campaign, Corie embedded a QR code in the mural that promoted engagement and provided a direct link to donate to Wagmor.  They also produced a limited series merch line of t-shirts and prints with sale proceeds going towards Wagmor’s mission.

​The campaign would prove to be a wide success by generating more than $20,000 in donations, 1-million+ impressions across social media, and feature spots in local and national news outlets.

Mercedes Benz Hope Rolls

Hyundai - “It’s Your Journey”

Partnering with Hyundai highlights her and the brand's values of empowerment, freedom, and innovation. Through this partnership, Corie's artistic journey was captured in a series of content creation and upcoming events support.

The collaboration is designed to empower and support an emerging artist, while also showcasing Hyundai's commitment to supporting creative endeavors and inspiring others to pursue their own unique journeys.

Considering Collaboration?  Let’s Create!

From Santa Monica Brew Works to Bella Loves Me, Holos Community, Everytable, and Mae Mae Jewelry – Corie's creativity has become a chameleon, adapting to every cause. It's like the Avengers, but instead of saving the world, they're sparking activism through powerful art. Because in the wild world of LA Hope Dealer, collaborations aren't just about art; they're about igniting a revolution against the commonplace.

Collaborations aren't just artistic unions; they're alliances transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. So, whether it's a luxury car, a tribute mural, or an unexpected partnership, one thing's for sure – LA Hope Dealer isn't just painting walls; she’s painting a legacy of evolution, one impactful stroke at a time.

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