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From South Jersey to the Streets of LA

Corie Mattie, also known as "LA Hope Dealer," is a multi-disciplinary street artist whose impactful work graces the vibrant streets of Los Angeles and cities around the world. Her art is a fusion of pop culture, activism, and poignant social commentary, and it never fails to stir strong emotions across social media platforms.

Hailing from South Jersey, Corie's journey initially led her to a career in sports management after completing her degree at Georgetown University. However, her unwavering passion for art soon led her to make a daring leap across the country to Los Angeles, where she decided to dedicate her life to her craft. It was in the heart of LA that she developed her unique artistic style, drawing inspiration from renowned artists such as Barbara Krueger and Shepard Fairey. Her work is bold, unapologetic, and impossible to overlook.


Pushing Boundaries, One Wall at a Time

Corie's murals are a vivid testament to her commitment to igniting conversations on pressing social issues. Through striking colors and bold outlines, she creates art that pierces through the chaos of the cityscape. Often, she uses cultural icons as magnets to draw the public in, urging them to confront daring wordplay on even the most taboo topics. Whether it's the burden of student loans or the complexities of abortion, Corie is unafraid to provoke discussions that demand a brighter spotlight in our society.

Championing Conservation and Social Change

In addition to her dedication to social activism, Corie is passionate about conservation efforts. She's an ardent advocate for environmental protection, working to raise awareness and spark change through her art. Corie's commitment to conservation issues is evident in her collaborations with organizations like the National Wildlife Federation, which she teamed up with to raise awareness for the Annenberg Wildlife Crossing in Southern Los Angeles.

The partnership was sparked after Corie's encounter with LA's most well-known mountain lion and NWF's mascot, P-22. Following this run-in, Corie created multiple murals of P-22, a symbol of the struggle for habitat preservation in the region. These murals quickly became popular destinations for both locals and tourists. Corie's partnership with the National Wildlife Federation made her their featured artist, leading to the creation of all the artwork for the P-22 Celebration of Life ceremony and multiple lines of merchandise featuring her artwork.

The collaboration generated international media attention, inspiring conversations about the importance of conservation and preserving the region's natural resources. Through her murals and artwork, Corie captured the spirit and essence of P-22, inspiring people to take action and support the cause.

In 2020, amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the pandemic, Corie's artwork took center stage, and it was during this period that she laid the foundation for LA Hope Dealer, an organization dedicated to spreading hope and addressing critical social issues through art. Her evolution as an artist and activist didn't go unnoticed. Major publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and The LA Times, spotlighted her ambition and unwavering optimism in the face of challenging times. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Corie was honored with the District 26 Woman of the Year Award in 2021 for the positive impact her art had on society during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Trailblazer for Hope and Change

These accolades propelled Corie to embark on more ambitious ventures through the LA Hope Dealer Movement. Her collaborations have extended to creating powerful murals and partnering with brands like Wagmor, Mercedes-Benz USA, and the National Wildlife Federation, among others. Through LA Hope Dealer, Corie embodies vulnerability and exceeds the modern expectations of femininity, simultaneously pushing the boundaries for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Currently, Corie continues to expand the LA Hope Dealer brand and build upon her diverse portfolio, which includes owning walls for mural pieces, advocating for women's rights, and championing the LGBTQIA+ community. Her visionary approach also integrates cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes and AI into her art, ensuring that her work remains at the forefront of innovation and social impact. Corie's art isn't just about visual appeal; it's a powerful catalyst for change, a symbol of hope, and a voice for the unspoken.

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