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Welcome to LA Hope Dealer | Corie Mattie's Mural Gallery

Take a deep dive into the rich stories embedded in each mural, and experience the dynamic, transformative power of art. We're STOKED to introduce you to the mind-blowing mural works of Corie Mattie, the creative mastermind behind LA Hope Dealer. Every mural embarks on a one-of-a-kind journey, and you're invited to join in on these larger-than-life statements that ignite social justice, shift perspectives, and redefine spaces.

If you're feeling the pull to transform your vision into a powerful statement through art-as-activism, let's collaborate. Contact us for more details on how to commission a custom mural that aligns with your brand and mission. Together, we can amplify your message and spark significant change in the art world.


Activism and Authenticity: LA Hope Dealer's art is a powerful force for change, often distilled into statements that provoke thought and action.

Social Justice & LGBTQ+ Advocacy: Corie's deep commitment to LGBTQ+ and social justice causes shines through her work, making a significant impact on the community.

Conservationism: Her art serves as a platform for environmental advocacy, promoting conservation and sustainability

Emotional Connection: Corie's art creates a deep emotional connection with viewers, resonating with those who seek art that reflects their personal experiences.

The People Concern Mural

About the project: Corie Mattie, 'LA Hope Dealer,' delivers a powerful 100 ft wide mural at 7th St and Colorado Ave, boldly addressing the issue of homelessness. Crafted in just ten days, this monumental artwork features interconnected hands, symbolizing the unified effort required to combat this pressing societal challenge.

Beyond its aesthetic impact, this mural serves a distinct purpose—it stands as a poignant call to action against homelessness. With an interactive QR code, viewers are seamlessly connected to a video by The People Concern, adding a layer of engagement to the mural's purpose. Mattie's creation not only beautifies and heals the community but also serves as a rallying point, encouraging support for The People Concern

Artist Corie Mattie sitting on top of building with mural holding a yellow sign that reads “HOPE.” Mural is of black and white arms holding hands all on a bright yellow background. The corner reads “together we can end homelessness.”
Artist Corie Mattie standing in front of a massive mural created for Hope on Melrose project. Featuring a graphic sketch of herself with many affirmation statements such as “stay present” and “vulnerability is power.”
Massive mural as part of Hollywood Beautification featuring black and white doves, symbolizing hope all on a bright yellow background.

Hollywood Partnership Mural

About the Project: Corie’s collaborations with Hollywood Partnerships included supporting Hollywood’s beautification with the creation of her all-over Dove mural at the Hollywood YMCA and homage to classic Hollywood idols in their new headquarters in Hollywood. Her expertise as a street artist was crucial in bringing the vision for the project to life, and her creativity and attention to detail helped to create a stunning and inspiring work of art that captured the spirit and energy of the Hollywood community.

As part of the partnership, Each year, Corie works with Hollywood Pride, continuing her work to promote creativity and self-expression in the community.

Pride on Melrose Mural Project

About the Project: For Pride 2022, Corie curated "The Fameyard" on Melrose and Fairfax. For Pride, she brought together top muralists in the LGBTQIA+ community to create a stunning display of art celebrating diversity and inclusion. Corie uses her platform to give voice to causes and inspire change in her communities. Her dedication to promoting and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities is a hallmark of her work and sets her apart as a leader in the art world.

Artist Corie Mattie standing in front of a massive mural created for Hope on Melrose project. Featuring a graphic sketch of herself with many affirmation statements such as “stay present” and “vulnerability is power.”
Artist Corie Mattie squats in front of a mural created for Wagmore Pets.. Featuring a black and white graphic design of Betty White on a bright yellow background with language that reads “be more like Betty.”

Wagmore Pets “Be More Like Betty” Brand Partnership

Corie created a stunning tribute mural to Betty White in the Melrose district, integrating a QR code that linked to the local animal charity, Wagmor Pets. The QR code enabled passersby to donate directly to the charity, supporting their mission of rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals.

The campaign was a resounding success, raising +$20,000 for Wagmor Pets and generating +1m impressions on social media. The mural became a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, drawing crowds and inspiring conversations about animal welfare and the impact of Betty White's legacy. The QR code integration was a key factor in the success of the campaign, enabling people to donate quickly and easily while also learning more about the important work of Wagmore Pets.

The campaign garnered significant media attention, with coverage in local and national news outlets, including ABC News, NBC News, TMZ and The Washington Post. The campaign also received recognition from animal welfare organizations and supporters, who praised the initiative for its creativity and impact.

Mercedes Benz “Hope Rolls On” Brand Partnership

The Goal: About Project: Activate Mercedes-Benz USA and the 2021 GLB with a mural to spread hope and positivity during a socially tumultuous time.


Created “Hope Rolls On” campaign.

Brand-integrated mural installed in the heart of West Hollywood

Created Video + Photo Assets for MBUSA

The Campaign Earned: 

+ 1.3m impressions 

+ 1M reach

+ 40.3K engagements

Artist Corie Mattie standing in front of a mural created for Mercedes Benz.. Featuring a black and white graphic design of a Mercedes on a bright yellow background with language that reads “Hope Rolls On.”
Artist Corie Mattie spray painting rainbow doves on the road as part of a Mercedes Benz “love is love” campaign.

Mercedes Benz “Love is Love” Brand Partnership Street Art

The Goal: Activate Mercedes-Benz USA and the 2021 GLB around Pride 2021


Created “Love is Love” campaign. 

Dove street art throughout LA. The series was comprised of 9 pieces of content including stills and video, and it was published across all channels including TikTok.

The Campaign Earned: 

+1.2m impressions 

+93K engagements

Roe V. Wade Demonstration

After the overturning of Roe V. Wade, Corie called women to action to demonstrate against the ruling. As a result they created an impromptu mural and installation that expressed the danger of reversing this law and how it would endanger women's basic human rights. Through her art and activism, Corie continues to challenge the status quo and use her platform to advocate for issues she believes in.

Image contains three images in support of Roe V. Wade demonstration. Artist Corie Mattie standing with wire hangers hung all over her body with yellow signs that read “welcome to the land of the free white men,” “fuck scotus” “disapointed” and “we need direct action.”
Artist Corie Mattie standing in front of a mural with illustrations of rainbow guns with the writing above that reads “are these gay enough to ban”

Are These Gay Enough to Ban?

A nationwide campaign part of the “Love Can’t Be Banned” Campaign uniting art, activism, and acceptance by challenging

societal contradictions and empowering the LGBTQ+ community through 2023.


Spark essential conversations and inspire a collective stand for equality and inclusion.

National Wildlife Federation “P22” Campaign

National Wildlife Federation teamed up to raise awareness for the Annenberg Wildlife Crossing in Southern Los Angeles after Corie had a run in with LA’s most well known mountain lion and NWF’s mascot, P-22.

After the run in, Corie created multiple murals of P-22, a symbol of the struggle for habitat preservation in the region, which became popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. She's National Wildlife Federation's featured artist, creating all the artwork for the P-22 Celebration of Life ceremony and multiple lines of merchandise featuring her artwork. The partnership generated international media attention, inspiring conversations about the importance of conservation and preserving the region's natural resources.

Corie's partnership with NWF was a powerful and impactful collaboration that used art and creativity to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. Through her murals and artwork, Corie captured the spirit and essence of P-22, inspiring people to take action and support the cause. The P-22 Celebration of Life ceremony, adorned with Corie's artwork, was a moving event attended by 5000 people in a sold out Greek Theater and covered by local and national media outlets. The partnership was a testament to the power of art and creativity to inspire change and promote social awareness, and it demonstrated the impact that a single campaign can have on a community and beyond.

Artist Corie Mattie standing in front of a mural with a black and white illustration of beloved mountain lion P22  with the writing above that reads “Peace, Love & P-22”

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