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National Wildlife Federation

As society expands its global footprint, it unfortunately impedes on the natural habitats of wildlife. In Los Angeles, the mountain lion population has been severely affected by this reality which is why the National Wildlife Federation puts forth major efforts to preserve these incredible creatures.

One such mountain lion named P-22 has been protected and tracked since 2012 and by a twist of fate, Mattie would cross paths with P-22 when she spotted him roaming her backyard.  Corie would record the encounter and post it on Nextdoor which grabbed the attention of the National Wildlife Federation. 


When the NWF reached out to Mattie, they needed an artist to help boost publicity for their upcoming P-22 Day and raise money for wildlife preservation.  This would also be their first P-22 Day since the pandemic, so it was critical for them to hit the ground running with a successful event.  The collaboration was for Mattie to create a mural in honor of P-22, produce limited merchandise and artwork as a featured artist, and raise awareness for wildlife conservation efforts through her strong social media following. 


Corie would kick off the event with a massive mural of P-22 in Silver Lake that generated wide-spread attention on social media.  At the closing of the event, P-22 Day raised more than $5-million in donations for wildlife conservation.


National Wildlife Federation





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