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I'll Say What You Can't

Unleash Your Voice, LA Hope Dealer Has Your Back

We won’t stand silent (we can’t), especially when it comes to speaking our minds about social justice issues, work, home, or safety, Corie Mattie is here to kick open those doors. "I'll Say What You Can't" isn't just a project; it's a fucking movement. It's where you can share any statement that you're burning to shout from the rooftops but can't, for all those reasons the world piles on you.

Your Words, Her Voice, Our Rebellion

Imagine Corie standing with you, taking those words that set your soul on fire and belting them out with her powerful voice. We're raising a rebellion of voices that won't be silenced.

Let's Kick A Little Ass, Together

Your story, your struggles, your dreams—they're what fuel this rebellion. In a world that sometimes tries to lock us in a box, "I'll Say What You Can't" is our battle cry for change. Let's join forces to make sure your message pierces through all the noise.

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